Watch The Golden Bolt Launch Video

Narrated by Alan Parsons, one of the most prolific artists and producers in the music world.

Forget Fidgety “Toys” – You’re A Grown Up

You need something elegant. Something…Gold! And as Alan Parsons says, “It’s like a calming warm blanket for your busy mind.”

The Ultimate Gift

24-karat Gold

"The Golden Bolt is a conference call godsend!”

- Eric Pooley

Introducing Alan Parsons…

The Golden Bolt is made in America

Finally, there’s a gift for the person who has everything.

The Golden Bolt is the perfect gift. Totally unique. Elegant. And so affordable – and it will last a lot longer than a big arrangement of flowers or a nice bottle of wine.

Gold Hits at Home?

For you solid gold maniacs, our good friend, Alan Parsons, has even offered to play a concert at your home if you order enough bolts! Now that’s a lot of bolts!!!